As we are a start-up company and we are very open to any new challenge and any problem to be solved.

Arianna fibers produce high and low aspect ratio fiber additives to reinforce and to give a natural look to biodegradable or recyclable plastic.

High aspect ratio fibers are well known to reinforce plastics but their introduction during extrusion has always been difficult due to their low density and non-granular form that do not allow their introduction through traditional gravitational feeders. Thanks to our process we are able to functionalize and combine natural fibers and a carrier in a form that can be easily used by compounders and converters. In this new form compounders and injection moulders are able to easily introduce natural fibers in the plastic final object without any investment for specific additional equipment. The final product is a much more sustainable plastic product, obtained overtaking all the obstacles of natural fibers (need of investment, hygroscopicity, final performance of the material) and that can decrease overall formulation cost.

Arianna fibers is a start-up company and its products are still in the development phase. We can still sample our materials but only if involved in the project through a collaboration. We are now finalizing our process for bamboo, hemp and flax additives for biodegradable PLA plastic and we are also at an advanced stage for the same fibers (bamboo, hemp, flax) for polypropylene mainly for automotive and furniture applications.

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Sustainability Goals

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