Our target markets


Rigid packaging

Natural fibers can be used in rigid biodegradable packaging or disposable biodegradable plates and cutlery in order to increase the mechanical properties and thus allowing reduction of the packaging thickness and overall weight with a natural look. This is a clear advantage from an environmental point of view due to the lower usage of plastic.



Polypropylene is dominating the automotive industry due its low weight, excellent performance and low cost. Talc and glass fiber are the most used filler for automotive applications but the use of natural fibers has already been positively evaluated due to very high specific strength (high strength and low density). Still processing issues remain for the full exploitation of natural fibers, check our products to decrease car weight and increase its sustainability profile.


Household appliances and furniture

Biodegradable is getting more and more attention due to its good mechanical performance. Natural fibers are helpful as they increase even more the mechanical properties and donate a natural look that is usually preferred. The price of the final compound is foreseen to be lower when compared to the full plastic solution. Natural fibers can be added also to recyclable plastic such as polypropylene for a reinforcing effect (less plastic usage) and for a natural look.


Agricultural (vase)

Nature likes nature. Our additives reduce plastic utilization and then microplastic formation and by reducing overall costs promote biodegradable plastic utilization that have shorter microparticles lifetime.


Sustainability Goals

Toward a zero impact society