Arianna Fibers is an innovative start-up in the field of new sustainable additives for plastic materials located in Pistoia, Tuscany, that wants to help the planet and its citizens.

Sea pollution, climate change, food contamination by microplastic in the environment are all contributing to the strong social and political opinion that
“things must be changed!”
and this can be done only by improving a better sustainability of Plastic products.

Funded in 2019 by Daniele Bonacchi and Emiliano Ferroni, former classmates at high school that believe in an etic world and in etic people.

Arianna Fibers wants to contribute to this change by offering innovative additives (natural fibers, biodegradable fillers) to the biodegradable and/or recyclable plastic industry to increase the sustainability profile of the final plastic material (lower CO2 profile, lower plastic consumption or lightweight effect).

reduction of CO2 emissions
and even more plastic content reduction

lower weight when compared to glass fiber reinforced materials


Sustainability Goals

Toward a zero impact society