Our additives can be used in rigid biodegradable packaging or disposable biodegradable plates and cutlery


Check our products to decrease car weight and increase its sustainability profile.


Our additives lower the CO2 profile increasing the mechanical performance with an appealing natural look


Stay biodegradable or at least reduce plastic in the environment reducing microplastic formation.

Who we are

“Things must
be changed!”

Arianna Fibers is an innovative start-up in the field of new sustainable additives for plastic materials located in Pistoia, Tuscany, that wants to help the planet and its citizens.


Why choose us

Arianna Fibers wants to contribute to this change by offering innovative additives to the biodegradable and/or recyclable plastic industry to increase the sustainability profile of the final plastic material

Lower CO2 profile

Natural fibers and additives from renewable resources are an ideal solution to reduce the CO2 profile of plastic materials. During the growth they subtract CO2 from the atmosphere and their processing do not require high temperatures or high energy consumption. Saving up to 60% in CO2 production have been reported.

Lower plastic consumption

Reinforcing additives such as long natural fibers reduce the overall material need in structural parts. They also reduce the plastic content as they replace the corresponding space occupied by plastic, typically natural additives are used between 5 and 30% in weight that corresponds roughly to direct plastic content saving.

Lightweight effect

In parts that need reinforcing, natural fibers are a proven alternative to glass fibers. With a density 40% lower than glass fibers they reduce total part weight up to 27%. Lower part weight in automotive industry reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emission.

Our Fibers